My Fitness Journey

I started this post with the title, “My Weight Loss Journey” but I changed it. Although I began with the sole intention of loosing weight, which I did, almost three stone. I wanted to be skinny, light on the scales and squeeze in to the smallest dress size possible. What started out as a dedication to dropping the lbs turned into so much more, a passion for exercise, healthy eating and a complete lifestyle overhaul. Something a junk food junkie like myself would never have imagined when I was living in England scoffing down a Donner Kebab after a night out on the town and repeatedly telling myself “I will start on Monday.”

Of course, Monday never came. Well it did but, I was tired from the weekend booze binge, work would get too much and by lunch I was chomping on a burger and fries, paired with a large glass of wine and followed by an afternoon Frappucino pick me up! Who knew how many calories they had? My lifestyle was a revolving door of binges and drastic diets. Even when I was dieting I was uneducated. I would eat a tuna salad with lashings of mayonnaise, topped with croutons and washed down with a diet coke, then wonder why the weight wasn’t going anywhere!

The weight wasn’t shifting because I wasn’t consistent. I had no routine, no dedication and I wanted a quick fix. It had taken me 25 years of eating whatever I wanted, when I wanted to get to just over 150lbs and I wasn’t going to turn things around overnight. No matter how much I wanted to. Although I never felt like I was fat, I wasn’t happy and I certainly wasn’t healthy. I was always tired, sluggish and depressed every time I split another dress or my jeans wouldn’t fasten. I was lying to myself and squeezing into a UK size ten while feeling extremely uncomfortable, all day and night. At my biggest I reached a size fourteen and although that size suits some people. It did not look good on me and more importantly, it did not feel good.

I had been naturally thin all through my teenage years which is why my eating had spiraled out of control. I could eat whatever I wanted, when I wanted and I still fit in the smallest Miss Sixty jeans on the market (They were all the rage back then.) I developed a huge appetite and my sweet tooth was always leading me to the next sugar fix. I was never full, never satisfied and would never leave a morsel of food on my plate whether it was good or not! I was nicknamed the dustbin by my family. A name that sticks. Even now, and although I led a much healthier lifestyle these days I still cannot bring myself to leave anything on my plate, even when I’m full. Some things just never change, I guess.

The second part of this post’s title still rings true, “journey” and what a journey it has been, and still continues to be. Many highs, lows and ruts along the way. I’ve fallen off the wagon more times than most but I’ve finally found the key to success and it’s a simple one. Get straight back on that wagon and don’t dwell on the ten thousand calories consumed at 3am while drunk lying on the floor of McDonald’s. Get up, exercise and put it behind you. Well when you have managed to get rid of the hangover anyway!

Although I am not one hundred percent happy with my body. My bum could be bigger, my stomach flatter, my arms more toned. I wish I could dedicate more time to exercise, I wish I could cut out the drunken binges completely or give up alcohol maybe but then what fun would I be? My husband would probably divorce me and I would end up one of those fitness bores consuming chicken and sweet potato out of Tupperware, living in yoga pants and only drinking water in restaurants. So to have somewhat of a balance in life I have stuck to the below rules 80% of the time and these rules have allowed me to, firstly lose the weight, maintain my new weight and they will hopefully lead me to the body I desire. Is Victoria Secret model too much to ask?

  1. No fake ingredients (if you can’t pronounce it, don’t eat/drink it!)
  2. Never miss a Monday work-out.
  3. Never go more than two days without some form of exercise, even if all you can squeeze in is a brief walk, anything is better than nothing.
  4. Everything in moderation, enjoy a cheat meal/day (depending on your goals) once a week to keep you on track during the other days.
  5. Don’t be too hard on yourself, if you relapse, forgive yourself, forget about it and use it as motivation to work harder.

No one likes to be photographed when they aren’t feeling their best so trying to find a photo from my bigger days was like finding a needle in a haystack. So although I have been larger than these photos, this is the closest I could find.

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