The Weekend Edit

This weekend can only be described as a juxtaposition. A combination of annoyances and epic highs. Luckily the annoyances were small, husband related and far out weighed by the highs. In the end anyway.

After what seemed like the longest Friday on record, always the case after a bank holiday I find, it was finally time to meet my friend for a drink. We both work in downtown and the sun had made an appearance after a slew of bad weather so we headed to the rooftop bar at Perch. We were eagle-eyed and managed to get seated almost straight away although according to the sofas predecessors, we stole their spot. Clearly they had not been to Perch before as they would know seating on the rooftop is prime real estate, you snooze you lose!


I enjoyed a couple of glasses of sauvignon and a rose, the perfect start to the weekend. I managed to stick to only three although my heart was screaming out for more, my head won for once and I left to do a grocery shop.

Saturday got off to a good start, I worked out and made my take on my favorite Greek yogurt bowl from Qwench. I used 0% Greek yogurt mixed with flax seeds and strawberries. I topped with honey granola for my husband and mixed raw nuts for myself although I did steal some granola as it tasted amazing but I was trying to be healthy and cut back on sugar. I will be having this again soon as I loved it so much.


Then the annoyances started, my husband realized he had left his laptop in the restaurant on Friday night so instead of going for a hike we had to brave the metro at the weekend and head to downtown to pick it up. He also hadn’t printed off the tickets for the concert we were attending that evening. He bought them for Valentines day so he had time, men! On a super hot day when I should have been topping up my tan we had to lug his laptop to his office and get the tickets printed. We picked up a couple of bottles of wine on the way home and he managed to redeem himself by acting as my personal photographer once again and although I was in sportswear with not a scrap of make-up on this photo opportunity was hard to pass by, so I went for it regardless.


We arrived home in time to enjoy some sun and opened a bottle of sparkling rose around our pool, relaxed for an hour or so before BBQ time. My husband is a brilliant cook but I only allow him to cook for me at weekends as he is yet to master the art of healthy eating and I always find him sneaking fattening ingredients in to dishes he tells me are good for me.


We were going to see Lady Antebellum at the Hollywood Bowl in the evening. John had booked a private acoustic performance with the band prior to the concert as part of my Valentines gift so we had to be ready early to make it on time. The idea of the BBQ was to combine lunch and dinner so we went in big. We enjoyed filet steak, pork chops, beef kebabs, a selection of salads from the deli counter and way too many olives. We shared another bottle wine over our late lunch and we were ready to leave for the concert.


Stupidly we didn’t realize how close we live to the Hollywood Bowl so we booked Uber which was the beginning of our problems! We sat in typical LA traffic before deciding to get out and walk, had we done this in the first place the night would have gone without a glitch. My ever forgetful husband had left his phone in the Uber. My phone was playing up and we struggled to get in touch with the driver, not that it was much use when we did. He spoke hardly any English but somehow we managed to communicate that we would meet him at our apartment to retrieve the phone. It was still hot and we rushed down the hill all the way back to where we started. Of course he didn’t turn up, it was a wasted journey and an awful start to the night. We walked all the way back up the hill only to arrive at the private performance after the band had left! We had missed the whole thing.

The night was not entirely lost, the Hollywood Bowl surpassed my expectations. The views, the service and the amenities we outstanding for an open air venue. Although we had already had a huge meal the restaurant by A.O.C was too hard to resist so we got a table and enjoyed some snacks while overlooking the mountains.


We had amazing deck chair seating in the garden which was a stones throw from the stage. There was a little shop where you could purchase bottles of wine to take to your seat.  The concert was incredible and after a shakey start I thoroughly enjoyed every minute of the evening. Well done John!


On Sunday we got up early to hit to the beach. We left a boiling hot Hollywood behind and headed to the coast. It was freezing, at least twenty degrees cooler than where we live but we finally managed to check out El Matador State Beach. The rocks and coves were breathtaking and it was certainly worth a visit. I even heard Orlando Bloom was hanging out there the same day. My outfit was not appropriate for the cool coastal breeze so we ventured inland to enjoy the last of the sun.


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