Food Fails and Bouncing Back

I have been extremely unhealthy lately. It started with a pool party that resulted in three dinners, starting with sushi then consisting mainly of junk food (Johnny Rockets), pizza, a huge ice-cream from Cold Stone Creamery, the best I might add and an even worse hangover day binge. Then it was bank holiday. I booked the Friday off work so I could enjoy a four day weekend but we started early on the Thursday night, I gave in to a portion of sweet potato fries and it went rapidly downhill from there. The results were an eleven pound weight gain which could be my new record.

I know healthy eating and bingeing is bad for your body so over the last year as I have worked on becoming more health conscious due to the face I am now older and my metabolism no longer allows me to eat like an obese fifty year old while maintaining a teenagers figure, I have managed to cut it down but my main failing is alcohol, all the rules go out of the window. I forget the hours I’ve spent reading health articles, the calorie counting and the will power I have worked so hard to improve. Not only did I gain eleven pounds, I got a horrendous cold which meant working out was off the agenda, and then to top it off as I was starting to recover I broke my toe, or so I thought, which meant cardio was off the cards.

I had to get over this quickly, in my fatter days I would go on a binge and then dwell on it for days getting depressed which lead to more bad behavior, more weight gain and more dwelling. It was a vicious circle and although I still have these thoughts I try really hard not to let them consume me and ruin the week ahead. I make sure I work hard on a Monday to undo some of the damage and start the week off well.

This weekend I was determined to try to undo some of that damage with semi-healthy eating while still enjoying a cheat day or two, I over ate again. I always do but I’m getting there slowly but surely. The set backs are making me stronger and i’m trying to learn from them, whereas before I would slip into a phase of bad eating until my jeans would no longer fasten and drastic action had to be taken. Que the fad diet. Atkins, weight watchers, slimming pills, you name it, I’ve tried it. All of which resulted in initial weight but I could never keep it up and it would always end badly.

My weight fluctuates between 110 and 120lbs. I am happiest at the lower end of the scale, who wouldn’t be? But I find this hard to maintain and before the recent binges I was a steady and fairly happy 112-115lbs which allowed over indulgence at the weekends, just not going crazy like I have done over the last couple of weeks.

The eleven pounds I gained was mainly water weight as it usually is but as I had taken it to the extreme this time I found it hard to shift the final pounds. Because of the bank holiday, it was a short week and my toe was hindering my work outs. Instead of melting away the calories on the treadmill I was having to focus on weight training. I managed to get back to around 116lbs by the following weekend. It’s now Tuesday and this morning I weighed 114.5lbs not bad considering I didn’t hold back at the weekend. I know people say you shouldn’t focus on the scales too much as it can get addictive and isn’t always accurate but I need a way to measure my progress (or lack there of) and I find this the most simple and effective for my lifestyle.

Luckily I like routines and during the week I don’t struggle too much to stick to my goals. If I’m trying to drop a few pounds I will focus on a low carb diet. That is what I did this week. I ate a lot of protein and vegetables. I do still find portion control a problem and my plate is always way too full. I can never cut out dairy, I am addicted to coffee and have at least two cappuccinos a day and a glass of milk after my dinner most nights. I like to pretend it is dessert. Sad, but I find the small things help when dieting.

My week went well and I hadn’t swayed too far from my go to diet plan so as Friday finally rolled around I went out for a few glasses of wine then enjoyed some bread and cheese with my hearty date salad for dinner. On Saturday, we had a BBQ with fillet steak, kebabs, a mix of salads, olives and two bottles of wine. We went to a concert at the Hollywood Bowl in the evening and had a few too many glasses of Prosecco and some small bites including these amazing bacon wrapped dates which I need to recreate. I treated myself on the way home to a Nutella hot chocolate and woke up feeling like I had enjoyed myself but not eaten too badly, nothing processed at least. I was relaxed again on Sunday enjoying a bread basket with my lunch and a fruit and yogurt dessert.

If I can get back to 112lbs by Friday I will be happy although I would like to be a little less as I am going to Malibu Wines with friends and I have already written my picnic shopping list that consists of lots of cheese, nuts, bread, preserves and dessert. I have two lunches out this week which are making me slightly apprehensive as I hope the restaurants offer some healthy choices to allow me to stick to my plan.

Although I will be having cheat day on Saturday if everything goes as planned I won’t be eating anything too processed and artificial. I will be making the hummus and guac at home so I know it contains natural ingredients. I am going to make my own flavored butter for the first time and my friend is baking our dessert which I suspect is chocolate but it is a surprise.

Although I wish I could be stronger, have more will power, not drink as much and never binge all the set backs are helping me to learn how to balance a healthy lifestyle while still enjoying all the foods I love. I hope I can continue to get stronger and healthier and maybe one day I will learn to say no to that last glass of wine and cut out junk food completely.


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