Its Wednesday and I’ve just about recovered from Saturday. Well maybe not quite but I’m feeling a hell of a lot better than I did on Sunday. As I enter the latter stages of my twenties, a Saturday night session now writes off anything productive on a Monday. Which is why I’ve waited until now to blog about my favorite meal in LA, so far.

I do tend to get a little over excited and brand every new restaurant I enjoy, my new favorite but I think this really is. I’ve eaten at TAO in Las Vegas before and although I like the place, it is Vegas and by the time my food comes, I’m so inebriated a Donner kebab in a greasy spoon would do the trick. This is not something i’m proud of. I have an addictive personality and low alcohol tolerance, what can I say? I’m working on it.

So, this time I was determined to stay away from the spirits, at least until after dinner, so I could remember every amazing mouthful, and I did and it was amazing. I didn’t set my standards too high, this is a new LA hot spot and I was expecting teething problems and maybe more style over substance but TAO delivered on both and surpassed my expectations tenfold.

The decor has set a new precedent and the art work that adorns the high walls is spectacular. This is an experience not just a restaurant. The crowd was mixed and not typical of a new Hollywood bar.


We ordered the tuna pringles to start, I had done my yelp research. They were a little pricey for effectively three small chips (crisps if you are English) but this is LA and they were topped with truffle so I can’t complain. We also ordered the bbq pork buns, vegetable spring rolls and jumbo scallop yakitori, all of which I have to recommend, but maybe for four instead of two if you are following with the omakase, which of course we did.


The chefs selection of sushi was phenomenal and good value for a high-end restaurant. The waitress was kind enough to make changes for my husbands shell-fish allergy. As annoying as ever for me!

better back

We washed our meal down with a reasonably priced bottle of sparkling wine and finished with the star of the night, the molten chocolate cake served in a chocolate box with the best salted caramel ice-cream I think I have tasted. This was certainly sharing size and is a clear contender to knock Catch’s hit-me cake off the best dessert in LA top spot!


Service: 4.9/5

Atmosphere: 4.5/5

Food: 4.5/5

Price: Expensive but worth it!

Book a table at TAO



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