Weekend Round-up

It is a little past the weekend now and my memory is fading by the day as I get further bogged down by figures in my day job.

So, let’s get back to Friday. DTLA is undergoing a huge overhaul and new restaurants are springing up out of nowhere, daily. I recently visited a wine bar on 7th and Hope called Shoo Shoo Baby which had recently opened and while I was there I noticed next door was under construction. The two-story building was being renovated in to a contemporary bar and restaurant which kind of reminded me of a Manchester style wine bar, I was intrigued.


I got back to the office and subscribed to the newsletter, I wanted to get a table before it got popular and I would have to wait months for a reservation. I never heard a thing! However as I pass by most days I was keeping my eye on its progress and booked a table for me and my friend a week after they opened.


I finished work at 5pm on the dot, met my friend and walked over to Shoo Shoo Baby for a drink first. I love the small wine list and their Sauvignon is the best, I must remember what it is called! John joined us later and we hopped next door for dinner. More on this later.


I may have had a slightly sore head on Saturday morning, but nothing the gym wouldn’t knock out of me. I managed to get in a brief early session before having to drive, well before John had to drive me to Torrance to get my hair done. I know travelling an hour to get your hair done sounds extreme but the last place I went dyed my hair orange and any Hollywood salon is charging prices more inflated than Katie Price’s boobs. Now I have found a hairdresser that knows the difference between blonde and highlighter orange, at a reasonable cost, the hour long, crack of dawn drive doesn’t seem so bad. Although it probably is for John who has to busy himself while I spend two and a half hours in the chair hoping to walk out a new woman.

Heading to Torrance gives us an excuse to spend the day at Manhattan Beach, not that we need an excuse but the long drive and hellish parking situation can sometimes sway us. At least this time we were prepared. John had been shopping to pass the time and bought us new Bose portable speakers, a chilled bottle of wine and a new cooler to carry it in. The parking situation was no different from normal and took us at least 30-40 minutes to find a space. Just as I was ready to give up, we got lucky. Living in LA you soon learn to be patient when it comes to traffic and parking. Either that or drive yourself crazy.

We hauled our beach bag and new purchases down the long hill to the beach and set up camp. We picked a spot away from any life guards or authoritative looking figures. Are you allowed alcohol on the beach? I’m not sure but everyone does. We poured our wine, lay back and enjoyed the sun. It was boiling, over 90 degrees, at the beach, in April. Bliss.


As I gulped my wine that had by some miracle stayed cool despite the parking nightmare, John turned to me and said, “Have you noticed that everyone on this beach has really good bodies.” He was right and I had noticed. Although the Manhattan Beach area is known for affluent families with young children (they are the only ones that can afford the house prices) the beach definitely has a young cool vibe. The young and beautiful lay in the sun, the sporty types play volleyball in the sand and the Jocks with coolers full of beer are set up for the day. Not to mention the wet suit wearers, who if you ask them about the surf will bore you half to death until you manage to get away. Be warned.


After taking so long to park and enjoying the heat too much we pushed our reservation back an hour or so, we wanted to finish our wine and we were having way too much fun people watching. The restaurant was accommodating and we later enjoyed a boozy lunch at The Strand House, read more here. Before heading to lunch it was so hot we had to cool off in the car, blasting the air conditioning with Billy Joel playing loudly.

After a long day in the sun we got back to the apartment, made some home-made garlic bread and had a drink outside while we waited for our take away pizza from Dominos, which I swore I would never eat again after living on it when I first moved out of my parents house.

Sunday came around too quickly and I felt horrendous, the pizza had made me bloat and I looked 8 months pregnant. It is crazy what junk food can do to you when it is no longer your staple diet. I was somehow 6lbs heavier, just water weight I told myself and I dragged my tired legs up Runyon Canyon berating myself with every step. We went out for a casual lunch at our local Panini Cafe and again, dreaded the week ahead. But, it is nearly Friday and another weekend is just around the corner and of course, I have already planned it.




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