Manhattan Beach – The Strand House

Where the young and beautiful hang out.

English people, think Chester/Notting Hill maybe, with the sea. Manhattan Beach provides upscale beach side dining and shopping with the charm of Santa Monica, minus the tourists and the coolness of Venice, without the weirdos.

Although there are many casual dining spots in Manhattan, unfortunately not many have outdoor seating and after moving from the dismal weather of North England and sitting in an office for 40 plus hours a week, the sun is my drug and the weekend is when I get my fix!

The Strand House is not hard to miss, located just across from the beach with incredible views out to sea, it stands out from the rest. Every time we visit Manhattan Beach we make a reservation at The Strand. Walks ins are welcome but making a reservation means I can request an outside table ahead of time, and I have a favorite spot, on the lower balcony at the end table with the best view. The table that gets the most sun, much to my husbands dismay who has to request a parasol while I bake in the sun.


Like each time we have been before, the food, the ambiance, the service and the clientele were top-notch. I had the kale salad with added chicken as recommended by the waitress and my husband had the grilled chicken salad, which I usually go for. We finished with two scoops of ice-cream vanilla and chocolate and hazelnut which helped cool us down slightly.


I have tried many of the dishes but I am yet to sample the doughnut dessert which looks massive and equally indulgent. The cocktails are good and the Prosecco is one of my favorites. See the menu here.


Service: 4/5

Atmosphere: 4.5/5

Food: 4/5

Tips: Get a table with a view 


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