Avocado Everything

Like most health conscious millennials, I love avocado. On its own, on toast, with eggs, and especially in guacamole with chips, but that is the kind I need to avoid. Unless homemade of course.

Since dropping the fad diets along with the pounds, trying to lead a healthier lifestyle and re-educate myself, I have read more health and fitness articles than I have racked up minutes on the treadmill. Each one contradicting the last and leaving me more confused than ever. Are carbs the devil? Should we eat little and often? Will I wake up double the size if I eat past 7pm?

One thing I do know is that calories scare me, they always have. I would religiously type in every morsel of food that would pass my lips into My Fitness Pal until I would exceed my allocated calories before lunchtime, then tell myself, what the hell. Give up. Continue to eat. Lie to myself and start all over again in the morning. This was a vicious circle and I was torturing myself.

The healthy foods I enjoyed seemed to swallow up my calorie count and leave me either living on rabbit food or delving deep in to the biscuit tin resulting in a long and regrettable binge.

As soon as I ditched the calorie counting and started to enjoy the healthy foods I liked, life became so much easier and my cravings for junk food subsided. I had read about the benefits of avocado, the healthy monounsaturated fatty acids, the reduced risk of cardiovascular disease and the multitude of vitamins they contain but they got me at the avocados apparent ability to spot-reduce belly fat!

This simply could not be true, weighing in at a hefty 250-300 calories per fruit seemed like a lot to incorporate in to my diet but with my new mind-set and determination to forget about calorie counting I decided to have an avocado every day for a week.

I started with half in the mornings along with my usual week day breakfast of boiled or scrambled eggs, Greek yogurt with flax and pumpkin seeds or an egg white and spinach omelette. I would enjoy the second half after work and before the gym, again with egg whites. Within five days my stomach, without doing any ab exercises at the gym or altering my work outs at all, I could already notice a difference.

Even when I was younger and naturally stick thin, I always carried weight around my torso, hence the name of this blog. So when I hit my teenage years and the chips, cheese and gravy dinners caught up with me. I gained weight to almost three stone (42lbs) heavier than I am now and my love handles became a real insecurity, and like with all problem areas, they are the last to improve. So if an avocado a day can have this impact in only five days I am going to continue on this avocado adventure.

That brings me on to the reason I initially started this post. I have a sweet tooth and like most with this affliction combined with wavering will power, I will automatically, without thinking head for the dessert aisle in search of something sweet to satisfy the cravings I have tried to keep at bay.

To tackle this problem I am going to use avocados to create healthy desserts, now I know this has been done before but all the recipes I have seen contain sugar, chocolate, excess dairy and/or other items not conducive with wash board abs.

So stay tuned for go to healthy desserts that keep you on track to blast belly fat!


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