Popping My Blogging Cherry!

This blog has been started and deleted without sharing many times and as I sit here behind three computer screens staring out of the boardroom window overlooking downtown Los Angeles I wish I had started ages ago. Just like each time I visit an amazing restaurant or go on a special trip, I think to myself, that would have made a good blog post! Or at least I think it would.

And that has been the problem all along, my insecurity has always got the better of me. Who would read it? Would any one care? But as the boredom sets in at nearly 11am and three coffees later I need a new distraction while I count down the minutes to lunch, so I’ve decided to go for it and if this only results in a place to document all my food photographs then at least I can stop annoying my friends on Instagram!

While at school I dreamed of becoming a journalist until I realized it wasn’t as easy as attending glitzy parties, writing reviews about food and reporting on celebrity scandals. It was actual work that required a degree and as I was about to embark on a summer working in Ibiza the idea of university slipped away as fast as my vodka and diet coke.

So forgive me for the grammatical errors and poor punctuation as I try to navigate my way through creating this blog, one technological challenge after the other. I hope you will enjoy my stories, recipes, posts and photos while joining me on my quest to find the answer to eating endless amounts of hazelnut and peanut butter cake and trying to remain a size 8.

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